Override automaticlly generated app_name for android


I’m using Ionic to build Android application, and want to have title for the application (the one that appears on the desktop), which will be different than the application’s name itself (the apk file name).
I know this can be done in android by changing app_name in res/values/strings.xml, however this file is generated automatically each time I run ‘ionic build android’.
Is there a way to override the default value which is identical to the value I defined in config.xml ?

Crosswalk without the file custom_rule.xml

I found how to do it - adding the following instruction to custom_rules.xml, inside pre-compile target:

    <replace file="res/values/strings.xml">
      <replacetoken>App Name</replacetoken>
      <replacevalue>Desktop App Name</replacevalue>
    <echo message="Replacing App Name with Desktop App Name in strings.xml"/>