MyApp appearing in Android Application Manager list

I’ve created an app using the Ionic tutorial app as a template. I’ve changed all references in the src directory from “MyApp” to “NameOfMyApp”, but the Android application manager shows the app with the name of “MyApp” instead of “NameOfMyApp”. I’ve searched the entire project for any “MyApp” references and found some in node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist. Is this where the built package could be getting the name “MyApp” from? How do I change what Application Manager displays to “NameOfMyApp”? Thanks.

I also notice that the Application Manager icon for my app is the one that comes with the tutorial and not the one that I have in resources/android/icon. The correct icon shows on the apps screen though. Any ideas, anyone?

Do you change in config.xml?

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Changing the <name> element in config.xml makes no difference.

This is the only way to change app name, are you sure the app on your phone is the one you building! can you delete that app and build it to your phone again to see if it make any change or not.

How I do this, I make sure I name my app appropriately when I start my project. Then ionic by default will generate;

Or something similar (to each app their own).

I go to my explorer, search for appname83839 then rename that to my app name newappname then go back one level and rename the ionicframework to my domain mydomain which would create this:

You’re not done yet.

In your explorer search for appname83839 make sure nothing shows up.

A few might; that’s okay. In a few files (your explorer should result them) you rename the new package name in them files.

Rebuild your app with --save and boom.

Your app package is now com.mydomain.newappname and the name of your app should be newappname everywhere specified also; the config file does matter. Make sure it’s the newappname in their too.


I fixed it. Changing the <widget id="reverse domain name"> and then running ionic cordova run android --device has changed the name in Application Manager to the name that I want to see.

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