Option-buttons broken in ion-list


Working from the latest ionic build, I’m trying to create a basic list with swipable option buttons. However, the items now snap back to the right when slid left and released. Here is my code, from the default seed project:

<ion-list option-buttons="itemButtons">

  <ion-item ng-repeat="pet in pets" type="item" href="#">

And the controller JS:

  $scope.itemButtons = [
      text: 'Edit',
      type: 'button-assertive',
      onTap: function(item) {
        alert('Edit Item');
      text: 'Share',
      type: 'button-calm',
      onTap: function(item) {
        alert('Share Item');


Looking at the CodePen sample, I see this is fixed in the nightly build of version 0.10.0