Ionic ion-item option-buttons for swipe not reload the updated buttons

I have one problem with Ionic framework(“version”: “1.0.0-beta.1”), when I modify the Item I want to be able to modify the buttons related to the item swipe. The scenario is : swipe on item, view a list of buttons [open,modify,close]. WHen i Click on Close I want to modify the option-buttons of Item with only the button [reopen]. It is possible in the controller change the option-buttons? I have tried but the framework not reload the related buttons. Do you have any hint?

Thank you

FYI : A very soon to be released new nightly feature has this :


I don’t know if it does your other stuff, but checkout that thread for more options.


<ion-item  option-buttons="itemButtons">


I copy pasta example from:
,bit it’s not working.

The nightlies no longer support that syntax.

See this sample :

Here are the nightly docs :

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THank you. I look forward to use the new Version of Ionic.
WIth this new sintax I can use ng-if to define the option-buttons and modify it dinamically.