Optimize load time on page


I need to pass a printed form to an application. That form contains about 1000 fields, and takes up to 4000 lines of code on my slowpage.html

When I use this.navCtrl.setRoot(‘slowpage’); it gets stuck loading for about 30 seconds and I don’t know how to reduce that time. I tried, at least, to use a loadingController to warn the user that it could take about 10-30 seconds to show the page, but I can’t call loadingController since the slowpage is not loaded/entered, app is stuck on the page that redirects to slowpage.

How can I solve this problem? What are my alternatives? I need to somehow load the content step by step and I don’t know which component should I use.

Excuse me for my english, not my native language :grinning:

you can warn the user on the page that is calling your slow page, when leaving this page, and not when entering the other.

I did that as a quick ‘solution’. Created a global loadingController and then called .dismiss on ionViewDidLeave().
Still, I would like to know how could I reduce that loading time without having to create X number of pages with ‘Next’ and ‘Back’ buttons, which is the only thing I can think about right now. Thanks!