Opening online PDF for Android


I was wondering if anybody had successfully opened a PDF online without downloading it from a server on Android or Blackberry phones?

After scouring Stackoverflow it seems that the solution is either to pass the URL through the Google Docs Viewer if I want to keep it online otherwise download it to the phone and open it up there. Unfortunately I can’t go with the Google Docs Url solution due to project constraints. Also I need to avoid the downloading option also due to project constraints. Anyone know another way or if this is even doable?

Could you make clear what your project constraints are? Is google docs itself the problem, or using an online solution for reading pdf’s?

Also, if you don’t want to download the file, you can’t do it. I think you mean that you don’t want to download the file to your file system… Maybe you could “download” the file in memory only and preview it afterwards (basically creating your own pdf reader)

Please take a look at this article because I think it might be interesting for you. I’ve heard some enthouiastic people about the mozilla PDF.js project.