How to show pdf without download

Things i did :

used inappbrowser
used google doc
used webview
so i have tried all these methods to show the pdf file in android device using ionic. But no use, i can see the download button in all these methods. Can any one tell me how can i display pdf without download option for user.

my code :

<div class="col col-50 clsGrid" ng-click="showFile("")"

my pdf file :


$scope.showModal = function(templateUrl) {
$ionicModal.fromTemplateUrl(templateUrl, {
scope: $scope,
animation: ‘slide-in-up’
}).then(function(modal) {
duration: 1000
$scope.modal = modal;

// Close the modal
$scope.closeModal = function() {

$scope.showFile = function(FileUrl) {
    var file = FileUrl;
    //var openurl =, '_blank');
  //  var openurl =,'_blank', 'location=yes');

      // var openurl ="" + file, '_blank');

// var openurl ='', '_blank');


var openurl ='', '_blank');


I tried all ways. But not able to find the solution.If any one know it will be usefull.If any expert in this, i can send my demo project for reference . Thanks in advance !