Open phone dialler app iOS

I Want to open the dialler app from the os itself. On android it works fine but on iOS it doesn’t

The way I implemented is'tel:' + phoneNumber, '_system');

This way, on android it opens the dialler app from the android system and pre-fills the number that is in the phoneNumber variable. When the var is empty, it still opens the dialler but with no number pre-filled.
On iOS the behaviour is different.

  • When there is a number; it gives a popup if you want to call the number provided, and when you accept, it calls that number
  • When there is no number; it does nothing

Is there a way to make iOS behave the same as android? My app is created in a way that in the data the phonenumber might not be known, but the user still knows the number so I want to open the dialler so they can fill it in and call…