Phone Dialing for Android and iOS

I am finishing up a mobile app and having issues trying to code where buttons are set with a phone number.

Originally I had

<a class="button" ng-href="tel:{{hotel.hnumber}}">{{hotel.hoffice}}</a>

In Android it only populates the dialer but we need to get to dial as well. Same for iOS. Any help would be great.


I’ve created my own plugin for android to make call and listen to icoming, outgoing or missed calls and get back information about it ( like: start datetime, endtime, number). I plan to add this to github today, so if you are interested in, I’ll let you know

Awesome thanks for the information.

Ok figure out the android now trying to get the Iphone to autodial base off the telephone number.

Can I see the code you came up with?

how can i implement autodial instead of opening the native dialler when i click on call button

Hi~ anyone already find the solution?

i’d like to know the information about the phone call from my app, but still don’t a perfect solution.

Perhaps you could try something like

Add a ng-click to your button and call the cordova plugin from there.

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This works perfectly for android!