Open map application


What is the best option to open the gps application through an ionic application?
I’m trying to use this: “‘geo://’+latitude+’, ‘+longitude+’?q=’+query,+’_system’);”, but it only works for Google Maps. For example, the waze application no longer works, can not find the location.
Does anyone know how to solve, or another way to do this?


Interesting… I want to know this as well.

How can you open a google map from ionic app using lat long info?


I can open it with the above example. I have a function that gets latitude, longitude and search and then I do “‘geo://’+latitude+’, ‘+longitude+’?q=’+query,+’_system’);”
With this code I can open Google Maps, but I can not open another gps application.


This plugin can open 10+ map applications! it solved a problem for me.