Open login page and go back with refresh

Hi everyone,
Looking for a bit on the forum and google I could not find anything so I write here. In practice I need to enter a feature that checks if the user is logged in. If not logged in, open a login page with “route.navigate ()” and then after login I do another rout.navigate (“parentpage”) to return parent page. The init method does not start. How can I do ? Thank you

Can you post enough code to reproduce the problem, along with a clear description of the difference between what happens and what you want to happen?

I have a page with a list of data. I click on a button to add a new item and then move on to the second page. I add the element and return to the parent page. I would like to update the list. I expected that going back with route.setNavigate would call the constructor or init instead. How can I do what I’m looking for? Thank you
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