How to reload a previous page when route back to that page in ionic4

In ionic3 when I push pageB on pageA and then come back to pageA (by setting pageA as root page), pageA was getting reloaded. But in ionic4 when I navigate back to previous page (from pageB to pageA), pageA is not getting reloaded i.e. constructor of pageA is not getting called. how to reload the previous page / component in this scenario? Some one plz help.

consider ionViewWillEnter to reload data

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Thank you dear… is there any way to do the same in angular (not in ionic) ?


I have the same problem. I tried with ionViewWillEnter but doesn’t work.In the page A I put the method ionViewWillEnter with a console.log(). In the same page I have a button with the atrribute routerLink="/pageB". In pageB I put the back button . When I come back to the page A, the console.log doesn’t print.

Anyone know what is my problem? I’m new on ionic/angular :slight_smile:

Thank you!