OnTabChange event

feature request: ontabchange event to be triggered from $ionicTabsDelegate service

Hey guys,

Am I the only one who needs ontabchange event for the tabs directive ?

Here is my problem:

My bussines case requires inline views inside tabs ( I just dont need history for navigating between the tabs )

        inline view ng-controller=Ctrl1
        inline view ng-controller=Ctrl2
        inline view ng-controller=Ctrl3

Lets say every controller has some initial data fetching, performed at instantiation time.

angular.module('foo').controller('Ctrl1', function($scope, $http){
  $scope.data = $http.get('foo1')

angular.module('foo').controller('Ctrl2', function($scope, $http){
  $scope.data = $http.get('foo2')

angular.module('foo').controller('Ctrl3', function($scope, $http){
  $scope.data = $http.get('foo3')

This way all three controllers will be instantiated at the same time, thus our application will make 3 ajax requests eagerly.

In order to activate the according controller lazily and thus performing only the needed ajax request, I need a way to know when particular tab is shown .

Currently this can be done this way:

  1. set onclick listener on every tab;
  2. do your initialization logic in the corresponding controller;
  3. manually switch tabs from the controller ( since we introduced custom on-click listener and the tabs wont switch )

This feels dirty.

My proposal is to introduce ontabchange event which will be triggered on tab change and every controller can subscribe to it via the $ionicTabsDelegate service.

I want to implement this if you guys are ok with it.