Only secure origins Webcam

Hey everyone ! I try to use ar.js to make a app AR with Ionic 3. But i have this error : Webcam error. Only secure origins are allowed (see: ).


<script src=""></script>
  <script src=""></script>


<a-scene embedded arjs='debugUIEnabled: false;' vr-mode-ui="enabled: false">
      <a-asset-item id="ghost-model" src=""></a-asset-item>
      <a-asset-item id="cat-model" src=""></a-asset-item>
    <a-marker type="pattern" url="">
      <a-gltf-model src="#ghost-model" id="ghost" position="0 1 0" scale=".005 .005 .005" rotation="0 0 0"></a-gltf-model>
    <a-marker type="pattern" url="">
      <a-gltf-model src="#cat-model" id="cat" scale=".075 .075 .075" rotation="0 0 0"></a-gltf-model>

Anybody have a explanation about this error ?

Thanks you for your awnsers.


It looks like a CORS issue.

Have fun with ionic,

Hey zouheir,
Have you solved the issue?