One signal PostNotification problem


i’m trying to push notification using OneSignal native plugin but when i trying to use notification from user to user using postNotification Method it give me Error on the paramter Object

    this.oneSignal.getIds().then(ids => {
      var notificationObj = { contents: {en: "message body"},
      include_player_ids: [ids.userId]};
      this.oneSignal.postNotification(notificationObj).then(res => {});

give me error on notificationObj and the error is

Argument of type '{ contents: { en: string; }; include_player_ids: string[]; }' is not assignable to parameter of type 'OSNotification'.
  Property 'isAppInFocus' is missing in type '{ contents: { en: string; }; include_player_ids: string[]; }'.

so what is the solution of this ?


are you retrieving the app id? I guess you don’t need this part

" { contents: {en: “message body”} "

just pass the id to a variable…


can you give me code example ?


I don’t know in Ionic 3 but in version 1 it goes like this

window.plugins.OneSignal.getIds(function(ids) {
   $rootScope.player_id = ids.userId;

Just change it to typescript…


you miss understand me , i need to send notification to user from typescript using post notification not just retrieving the ids for the user

initializeApp() {
    this._platform.ready().then(() => {
      this._OneSignal.startInit('yyyyyy', 'xxxx');
      this._OneSignal.handleNotificationReceived().subscribe(() => {
        // handle received here how you wish.
      this._OneSignal.handleNotificationOpened().subscribe(() => {
        // handle opened here how you wish.


i need to make a new notification using in type Script using postNotification method in Sdk .
this part of code already exists in my application


@YousefRabieKhalil following this tutorial


ohhh that’s why I’m asking first if you are just retrieving app_id but anyways you need http request for that… you may refer from this Basically you need to pass data

app_id: your_app_ID,
include_player_ids: user_app_id_to_send,
contents: {
     en: "Test message"
 headings: {
     en: "Test Heading"


thank you this is relay help me :smiley:


is your problem solved? if yes please post your solution for others to be able to have hint/examples if they also having the same problem…


i will , i think the postNotification method in Onesingal native plugin is broken , so just using the rest api for post a new notification using http post

  MakeAnewNotification() {
    this.oneSignal.getIds().then(ids => {
      var body = {
        app_id: 'Your app Id',
        include_player_ids: [ids.userId],
        contents: {
          en: "Test message"
        headings: {
          en: "Test Heading"
      };'', body).subscribe(data => {
      } , error => {

first get the current user id using get id from Onesignal native plugin mention above then using http module in angular post a new request and follow this


nice catch, I’m glad you work it all around…