Sending notification using onesignal on web ionic(as to mobile, perfectly sending good)

It send greatly to player id that I specific on mobile device.

but not on web…which I Command"ionic serve" I want send notification to mobile device from web.
It get error saying TypeError: Cannot read property ‘OneSignal’ of undefined at new HomePage

I console.logged it and found that window[“plugins”] is undefined.

how can I solve this problem to send notification on web.
I’m using ionic because by making once, I can use it web, ios, android…
I think there should be a way to solve it…but can’t find it.

    .startInit("xxx", "ccccc")
    var notificationObj = { contents: {en: "testtest"},
                          include_player_ids: [my player id]};
    function(successResponse) {
    function (failedResponse) {
      alert("Notification Post Failed:\n" + JSON.stringify(failedResponse));
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Same problem here. In fact, I receive this error only by “ionic serve” when I deploy to device I have no error and the notification is received as well.