One signal not working on ios devices

Hi community,
ionic native one signal not working in ios devices.The one signal dashboard not showing my device.
Thanks in advance…

My guess: You made a mistake.

@Sujan12 can you please help me on this?

No. You didn’t provide any information that would allow more than “you did something wrong.”.

push notification is enabled on my
i think the issue is related with the subscription of the user.Prompt is generating successfully.But cant see the device on onesignal dash board.


similarly one signal dashboard ios app is active
I followed this to integrate one signal One signal integration

Have you done everything as instructed in Onesignal Official documentation? Have you submitted certificates to Onesignal?

@vasanthb ys.done as per the documentation.Created push certificate and submitted on onesignal dashboard.
Push notification prompt also showing but not subscribed.

Did you create OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension as per the documentation ?

@vasanthb ys.created notification service extension too.Created push certificate using provisional tool.

As soon as you start the app, is there any permission box coming? requesting notification permission. If not then something you might have missed in info.plist file.

@vasanthb permission promt is coming while loading app.But when we choose allow,we cannot detect the device on one signal dashboard to check push notification as test user or in all users list.There is no erors in Xcode build.


I am facing the same problem !
Did you solve that issue?

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same here… seems something is wrong