One app, two different names

Hi Ionic Developers :slight_smile:

I’m building an App (ionic 3) and I want to release it with two different names (but the same bundleID), for example: MySuperApp, and CoolApp, but I don’t want to duplicate my project for that, but use one instead.

I’m not Android/IOS developer, so I don’t know those tricks like this one: One app multiple branding

Can you advice if it possible in Ionic, without duplicating project?

PS. Content of the app will be exactly the same :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,



the idenifier is the wiged id.
But I understand why google and apple are against them and must do many things to prevent flooding there stores with identical apps. Try to make a good app and do not flood store with clones.

:frowning: , anna-liebt


Thanks for your input.
I’m familar with “widged id”, so, any way to use the same project to generate apps (binary) for two different “widgets id” (bundleid) ?