On-touch and ng-touch: neither works

I installed angular-touch and included it in my project. I used the directive “ng-touch” and it didn’t work in the ios simulator. I tried “on-touch”. This didn’t work either. As in, a function triggers an alert message to pop up successfully on ng-click, but the same code does nothing in the ng-touch or on-touch directive. I have nowhere to go. ionic touch / gestures and angular touch are both very sparsely documented. Does anybody know how I can debug this? Again, the code that isn’t doing anything with ng-touch or on-touch is working with ng-click.

Edit: Some information
iOS 8.4 emulator
Broken HTML:

<div ng-touch="interfaceScope.pickerMove()">
<div on-touch="interfaceScope.pickerMove()">

Working HTML:

<div ng-click="interfaceScope.pickerMove()">

I don’t know what to say other than that…

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Same issue. I tried to attach ionicGesture service, but also with no luck. Several tryouts, but only ONCE i noticed one lonely log 'Tap: x: '…
It appears that all touch events works only with native Ionic components but not with random

Is any way to attract Ionic developers attention to this?
var renderArea = angular.element(document.querySelector('#area'));

$ionicGesture.on('tap', function (event) {
		$scope.$apply(function () {
			console.log('Tap: x: ' + event.clientX + 'Area width: window.innerWidth');
			if (event.clientX > (window.innerWidth / 2)) {
			} else {
	}, renderArea);
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