Pinch gesture still not working

I was trying to recognize pinch gesture in my ionic app. I used a simple directive I found here

import {Directive, ElementRef, Input, OnInit, OnDestroy} from '@angular/core';
import {Gesture} from 'ionic-angular/gestures/gesture';

  selector: '[longPress]' // Attribute selector
export class PressDirective implements OnInit, OnDestroy {
  el: HTMLElement;
  pressGesture: Gesture;
  pinchGesture: Gesture;

  constructor(el: ElementRef) {
    this.el = el.nativeElement;

  ngOnInit() {
    this.pressGesture = new Gesture(this.el);
    this.pressGesture.on('press', e => {

    this.pinchGesture = new Gesture(this.el);
    this.pinchGesture.on('pinchin',e => {

  ngOnDestroy() {

The press gesture is working without any problem but the pinch is not working. In place of ‘pinchin’ I tried every pinch gesture but still its not working.

Why use this old blogpost with old code instead of reading the documentation and use the build-in pinch handler?

“Basic gestures can be accessed from HTML by binding to tap, press, pan, swipe, rotate, and pinch events.” Documented over here.

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it isn’t his fault . any developer try google to find a solution for his problem and all google first results are for Ionic ver 1 often! and ionic official documents are not full and complete just pointed to topics. maybe it’s a good idea for ionic development team to select special code names for any new ionic framework in future or work better on their sites SEO.

Or just use the search function and check the version of your liking, enter your searchquery and hit search.

I have tried basic gestures right now, all other events are working except pinch!

<ion-scroll id="StoryText" class="StoryText" direction="xy" scrollbar-x="false" scrollbar-y="false"
      zooming="true" [style.font-size.px]="this.currentfontsize" (pinch)="swipeEvent($event)">

where is my mistake !? i am testing on device (with remote debugging)

hmmm… maybe because it’s on a ion-scroll? Did you test it out on an ion-card or something like that?

I’ve just added an additional answer to the thread you refer to. To not add that same answer here as well, it might also help you too: Pinch Gesture is not working.