On iOS Devices, First Tap is Not Registering, After Closing a Modal Screen or Opening / Closing the Side Menu


Working on an Ionic2 app. Everything works as expected when I run ionic serve , but when I build the app and run in the iOS Simulator or a physical iOS device, I start to get unresponsive taps.

From the main <ion-list>, if I tap an <ion-item> to open a modal, everything works fine. But when I close the modal with this.viewCtrl.dismiss(), the next time I tap an <ion-item> on the main <ion-list>, the tap is not detected.

I added a console.log and can see that the first tap is not detected, then my second tap is detected.

Any ideas about what might be happening, would be greatly appreciated.


I’m having this issue with the ion-list itself! I’m using leaflet, and I’m wondering if that may be interfering.


Same / similar issue here. Works fine during development with ionic serve but the “unrecognised tap” is observed on emulator and ios device.

After returning (back) from a detail screen the first tap on is not recognised. The second one works perfectly.

Observed with ionic2 beta 10 and beta 11



I have the same issue with<ion-menu>. But only when it is open with the <ion-navbar> burger-menu-icon. When it is opened with a slide from the left the next click works fine.

I also noticed, that it is not the number of taps but the the time you wait before the next tap. When I open the menu and wait for 2 seconds it will recognize the first tap. If do not wait, it will only recognize the subsequent tap.

Has any one created an issue on github for this?



Also have this issue.


Same here, mostly noticed on the ion-menu.


Are you guys still having this issue or did you find a resolution?

It’s happening to me with buttons inside modals.


Not sure if its of help to you, but I had the issue with Ion-items in list…I realised that ion-item tag with button attribute required two taps for detection, but button tag with ion-item attribute worked on first tap :grin:


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