Ionic app does not respond to taps in ios


I have developed an ionic app and it is working fine in browser (Chrome,IE,Mac Safari,iPad Safari) and android platforms. When I tried it today in ios, the app loads and the ui comes ok but when i tap anything on the screen nothing happens. It is not responding to my taps. I am testing the app in ios 9 on my ipad and in the simulator and it is not working in both of them.

Could you help me on this issue, please? Did anybody faced a similar issue?


It seems that the ionic sidemenu template has issues. I created a new project from the side menu and i ran it in the ios simulator. The app didn’t respond to taps. So, i created a new ionic project from the tabs template and I added a side menu to that and it was working fine. I hope the ionic team gets notified about this issue.