Old js code being used with ionic serve

Has anyone else experienced the following problem?

Whilst running ionic serve I make slight chances to the code such as changing the message on a toast. When the page is refreshed it comes up with the message I had two or three changes before. I think what is happening is that the live reload is reverting back to the original code when it was first started.

I have to stop ionic serve and restart it to show the latest changes.

This pops up from time to time, afaik it never was really “resolved” or even figured out what is causing it. Sorry.

Thanks @Sujan12 at least I know it is not me!

I’ve largely seen this as a result of the browser caching data, which can normally be disabled.

@SigmundFroyd Not sure if you mean the following - but I develop with the check box Disable cache selected inside chrome.


That is indeed what I meant.

You have the DevTools open while developing too, right? The disable cache option only works when they’re open.

Not always (most of time I do as I always check to see how it looks on a iPhone).

Never knew that the disable cache only works when the tools are opened - then again never read any instructions manual.