OffLine MAPS Solution

I need a OffLine map or how i can download before !!!

I also need offline maps and have posted here:[ Offline map with mapbox and leaflet in ionic]

What kind of library are you using (web GL or leaflet.js) and what kind of maps?

I prefer Google MAP Native

Hello, did you find a Offline solution for Google Map Native?

Google Maps Native (cordova-plugin-googlemaps) uses the Google Maps Android API v2 and Google Maps SDK for iOS internally.

These native APIs make tile cashes their internal.

So we can not create offline map from our side, but the map is cached automatically.

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Thanks for your answere, but i really need a map when the device is completely offline and for areas the user hasn’t been before so nothing is cached for this location, means that the map offline data has to be stored local on the phone and gets called when the user opens the map.

Leaflet is the easier solution then.
Google doesn’t allow it to manually save their maps offline.

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It is very strange, Google have this option in google maps, why doesnt
have the same in the plugin Ionic?