Offline file storage

So I’m in the process of rebuilding my companies mobile app and a huge piece of it is offline usage. So we offer courses / lessons /and other misc videos and I need to have the ability to download and store them on a users device. So I’m looking around and am curious if there is a standard in the community? I see capacitor has a filesystem plugin and was debating using that but then for storage I also though about SQLite. I’m completely new to this and am just kinda curious what the norm is. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated. One big thing is that i was told that the old developer who created the old version was having issues with IOS deleting files. They said they never had a problem with android. Apparentyl he built his own plugin using angular and we swapped this over to Vue as its our office standard now so not really sure I want to use his plugin or if I even can.

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