How to do offline databackup of an Ionic 2 app?


I am a beginner and developing an app using cordova, ionic2 and couchbase lite for user data storage. I want the app to work offline. The app should be able to back up the data stored in the couchbase lite data base to a specific location in the mobile itself. Suggestion or an example code that performs this task helps me a lot. Thanks in advance.


Sqlite is great tool for offline storage


I am using Couchbase Lite for offline storage. I want to know, how to backup the data?


So you want to take the local Couchbase Lite database and save it to another location locally on the device? What do you mean exactly by “a specific location”?


Yes. I want to store the data in the location which user specifies, like SD card or in a folder in the available memories. Also, I want to know where exactly the database file of Couchbase lite is stored (physical location).


Dear Sujan12,
I can’t understand. how to back up and restore the couch base lite, I am new in this. Nobody can’t give the deep discussed in this. it,s possible or not please tell me.


Provide us with some links and code you use to use Couchbase Lite. I know very little about it. Maybe if you tell us exactly how you are using it we can research a way to backup the database.