Any plugin in Facebook and Google+ login in Ionic?

Is there any plugin for Facebook and Google Login in Ionic. There is a plugin in phone gap phonegap-facebook-plugin. I am doubtfull about that in ionic. Please tell me any other way. is a node implementation.

ngCordova supports facebook login.

Just read the docs about how to set up, and it should work fine.

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i am also using passport authenticaton how to implement client side share your knowledge

I wrote the Oauth module of ngCordova and you can use it for Google and Facebook login:

Check out this full Facebook example to go with it:

Hope that helps.



I’ve used Satellizer ( with success.


I have used facebook by wizcorp and eddy verb…'s google plus login. Really good

Any suggestion on how to integrate Ionic / Satellizer ? Thanks

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Same question from me. Any tips on howto integrate the two. You got it working in an app? What about these problems: OAuth, ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error

Sure, just check the example in satellizer’s repo… =)