Npx cap vs ionic cap

I’ve seen both “npx cap” and “ionic cap” been used for syncing Ionic projects
But which one is the recommended command to use and what is the different between those?

“ionic cap --version” results in 6.17.0, which is the same version as my global Ionic installment.
“npx cap --version” gives me 3.2.0, which is my project installed version of Capacitor.

I’m naturally uses the highest version, but I’m unsure if I should to that.

Your ionic version command gives u the version of the ionic command line interface

The npx cap gives u the version of capacitor cli

These versions are different and not comparable. So you cannot say 6 is better because it is higher than 3. Apples and pears

Next, Ionic cli invokes the capacitor cli under the hood. So with ionic v6 u run capacitor v3

You can use both to achieve the same.There can be comfort sticking to one cli interface for ease of reference and potentially (but not very likely) version issues

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