Notification badge not support for all devices

I Implemented app icon notification for count display and I checked with many devices but this is only support in Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony with the below plugin and I have used ionic-v1 and angular js

Please Let me know If you have any other plugin or suggestion for app icon notification which is support all company devices and also IOS devices.

This plugin supports iOS and all Android installations whose “launcher” supports these badges - some just don’t.

Thank You Sujan,

I have used same thing (katzer/cordova-plugin-badge) in iOS but not worked which is already implemented in Android and work fine for (Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony) mobile.

Please Let me know if any other things need to includes extra for ios. also one more thing I have noticed not asking permission in ios for first time like below:


I added below code:

cordova.plugins.notification.badge.requestPermission(function (granted)