Not showing list view data in the phone, but it's ok in the browser during development

Hi I am making a simple app. My app has just two page yet. In the home page I have a listview with 5 list Item which is coming from a controller. I always use the browser for emulating, what everybody does. It looks pretty good in browser and in ionic lab too. Today ran the app in my android phone. But in my android phone app’s nav bar is showing but there are no list items in the page.

What is happening I have no idea. Do you had this kind of problem?
BTW my phones Android version is Jelly Bean 4.1.1

could you paste your source code ?

Thanks bgjoin, I am sharing a link, here you can find my www folder of ionic project.

Hi, in your home.html try to add

like this

 <ion-view title="My app">
    <ion-content has-header="false">
	  <ion-item ng-repeat="link in eShebaLinks">
		<a class="button button-clear" ng-href="#/{{}}">


Hi, I added the code into my home.html but still not working, I also tried in a Android Lollypop. But no result :frowning: Could you please tell me why this is happening?

Hi again bgjoin, I have solved the problem creating a fresh project. But still I don’t know what was the problem.
Please tell me if you find the problem. :slight_smile:

Hi, I just rewrite your project with a new and this is the result
download gitgub

sometimes is better to start from scratch :slight_smile:

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I experienced this exact issue today. Resolved it by closing the View app and reopening everything. Hope this helps.

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