Ionic2 *ngFor

                               <ion-list >   
                           	        <ion-item >         
                                         All Stores
	                                <ion-item *ngFor="let route of routeList">
                                           <div (click)="selectedRoute(route.location)">{{route.route_name}}</div>


This code is works perfectly in browser . But i dont know why android phone does not showing the list ?
Help me in this


Nobody can possibly help you without knowing how routeList is managed.

       export class RoutePage {
           color: string;
           storage ;

        constructor(private _navController: NavController, private _navParams: NavParams,private dbcontent:DbContent,private zone:NgZone) {

//console.log("in route page===========",dbcontent.n)
let options = {name :"mirrow"}; = new Storage(SqlStorage, options);"SELECT * FROM route").then((data) => {

     (error) => {
        console.log("ERROR" + JSON.stringify(error.err));


This is code for getting the routelist


I have pasted the code for getting the routelist .can u help me in this ?


Does your console log any errors? Perhaps the call is failing somewhere on the device?


No More error in my console .

What kind of problem will occur in my device ?


Hi vknaveenkumar,
Are you get the solution ? If yes kindly suggest me I stuck in this issue.


Are you certain you have the same issue? Storage has changed quite a bit since this topic was originally posted.