Nordic DFU Firmware Upgrade with BLE

Hey there,

I successfully connected to my Nordic device via the @ionic-native/ble library. Now I am trying to upgrade the firmware. I saw that this library uses this repo: It says that there is a fork which provides the ble.upgradeFirmware method which I would like to implement but I dont know how to add this to the native ble library.

The fork is here:

Can anybody help me please?

you should ti use a wrapper of the fork that support UpgradeFirmware function, for now the wrapper npm i @ionic-native/ble don’t support this function


Did you find a solution to the problem? I have the same problem as you. Thank you.

You can use my Plugin: Dfu Update - Ionic Documentation -
It has an official Ionic Wrapper

First I have to continue making the connection to the BLE, right? And I suppose that after that function will receive the information by Nordic.

Thanks a lot.

Hi there!
Anyone knows where do I find the “fileUrl” ???

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You mean in my Plugin? You need to downlad the Firmware, store in on the device and use the file url from where you saved it

Sorry but I didn’t understand, could you please be more specific ? Thank you for the fast reply! :slight_smile:

Where does your Application get the new Firmware from? Your Backend i guess?