Results from BLE Scan Not Invoking Angular Update


I’m attempting to use a native plugin for the first time, the BLE plugin, and when I use the BLE.startScanWithOptions(…) method, my Angular UI doesn’t update with data generated within the code which executes each time a new device is reported.

For example, I’ve taken the basic tabs project and added the BLE plugin. In the example as written, myvariable will not be updated in the UI in realtime, but with adding will cause it to update in realtime.

What am I missing that then requires the hack with ?


<h2>Welcome to Ionic! {{myvariable}}</h2>


import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { NavController, Platform } from 'ionic-angular';
import { BLE } from '@ionic-native/ble';

  selector: 'page-home',
  templateUrl: 'home.html'
export class HomePage {
  myvariable: number = 0;

  constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, public ble: BLE, platform: Platform) {
    platform.ready().then(() => {
      // start scanning
        () => {
          this.ble.startScanWithOptions([], {reportDuplicates: true}).subscribe(device => {
            // this will not update the UI
            // this will work.
            // => this.myvariable++);
        }).catch(() => {});
ionic info

global packages:

    @ionic/cli-utils : 1.2.0
    Cordova CLI      : 7.0.1
    Ionic CLI        : 3.2.0

local packages:

    @ionic/app-scripts              : 1.3.7
    @ionic/cli-plugin-cordova       : 1.2.1
    @ionic/cli-plugin-ionic-angular : 1.2.0
    Cordova Platforms               : none
    Ionic Framework                 : ionic-angular 3.3.0


    Node       : v6.10.3
    OS         : Windows 10
    Xcode      : not installed
    ios-deploy : not installed
    ios-sim    : not installed

Page wont refresh in Ionic

Thank you for reporting this problem, it still exists and I was able to solve it using this technique!

It’s either broken, or the docs need to be updated.


Hi, I have the Same Problem with BLE and the Batterie Status Plugin! What is the Reason for that Issue?