Noone replies my question :)

My recent Questions are not answered or not even noticed by anyone, is anything i have to do … Thnk you

me too, I ask 6 time and no reply

I don’t know what you posted, but I’ve noticed that the quality of question asked here has gotten a lot worse. It looks like lots of students asking us to do their homework. At this point, I only answer questions asked by people who have demonstrated they know how to program. Other people can do whatever they want, of course.


You looking down on newbie and not help us

I’m gonna speak what comes to mind. Remember, that this is a community forum - none of the people here are paid to make sure every thread is resolved. There can be many reasons why your post didn’t receive any answers, just some that I can think of:

  • It was buried by the time someone who knew how to help visited the forum.
  • Poorly formatted: Posted lots of unnecessary code, maybe with poor indentation which makes it even harder to read. Often code isn’t even put in code blocks. Often, no code is posted at all.
  • Poorly written: Lots of unnecessary information, sometimes not enough. Sometimes it’s not clear what the problem is. Sometimes language is of issue; while I realize obviously not everyone is fluent in English, I believe it can contribute to people not responding, if they have no idea what’s being said.
  • Poor effort: Barely even tried looking into the documentation of whatever isn’t working, didn’t try much of debugging the errors or whatever is/isn’t happening.
  • Easily solved with a single forum / Google search.

So what do you do about it?

First of all, follow this flow chart.

That’s a good start. “Google” can of course be replaced by searching this forum. If you get to actually making a post here, look at the above list and make sure none of it applies to your post before posting.

  • Explain to us what isn’t working
  • Explain to us what’s happening instead, if you get any errors, you paste them in your post. That really needs to be emphazied - some people seem to think we’re magicians and can read minds, and know exactly what error you received when "my alert didn’t show after I called present()" or be able to replicate it ezpz (random example)
  • Explain to us what you tried to do to fix it, and what the outcome was of that
  • Put your code in code blocks (surround blocks of code by triple backticks `)
  • Leave out your life story
  • Link whatever documentation for whatever packages you’re using
  • Put the output of your ionic info
  • Proof read your post

Hell, one of my very first posts I considered to be very well explained and in great detail, but it never received a reply - fortunately I found a solution eventually. If you really take your time with your post, you are more likely to receive a reply.

A couple other things:

  • Be patient, if you don’t receive an answer at all within a couple days, I say feel free to bump your post. Don’t post every hour going “HALP”
  • For the love of god, if someone posts a solution, MARK IT AS SUCH. That little checkmark? Click that. That way, everyone scrolling through the list knows that they don’t need to start reading through the responses, only to get to reply number 21 and the OP says “Thanks, that worked” … Even if you solved it yourself, respond to your own post saying “I fixed it”, mark your own answer as the solution and maybe even post what you did to solve it, in case others stumble upon the same problem and finds your post.

Done rambling :slight_smile:


In short, to answer your question about “what do I have to do”:

  • Debug it yourself
  • Post errors, if any
  • Format code properly
  • Explain in detail, but only the necessities
  • Be patient

Edit: If you received a reply but it wasn’t the solution and no one else is replying, it’s probably because people look for posts with no replies when they want to help. That’s at least what I do. I suppose you can try reposting your question, after a fair amount of time.


So let’s have a look at your topics:
Profile - rashnk - Ionic Forum

I see only two with no replies at all. Let’s look at them:

1 sentence, no question mark, no context, Ionic v1 which most people here don’t use any more. Why should I now create a v1 project, find out what “ionic build” is and see if --prod does anything? Nah…

More text this time, first sentence acknowledges that this was covered a dozen times. It doesn’t link to any of them. It mentions a blog post, doesn’t link to it. I think it quotes something from that blog post, but I am not sure if this maybe is your own writing. Then you mention people of the Ionic team that have absolutely nothing to do with your topic (which is highly impolite).

That is why someone might not want to reply to these two topics.

I had a longer reply written out for you, but I’ll make it short(er):

  1. You made 4 posts, in the same day, about the same thing. In the last one, you said you solved it and how, but never updated the other posts.

  2. You then asked about download progress using file transfer, and the answer was in the link you posted to the documentation. No response, so you posted again the day after. You got a response this time, then a few days later you post 3 more times and only in the third you do you put your code … The last post is still new, and could still receive a response. But what you failed to do is point out what does happen, or if absolutely nothing happens. Does it not log ANYTHING at ALL? Does it always log the same thing? Did it actually download the file? Are you sure it’s not the ng_zone bit which is broken on iOS? Did you try putting the console.log outside of that?

That’s another thing I could add the list above. If I see you’re being spammy, I might chose to ignore your posts. That’s personally how I think about it, can’t speak for anyone else. But anyway, I don’t think you’re being fair and looking at it from the POV of the volunteers who are trying to help. It’s easy to say “I didn’t receive a response on 6 posts!” When you can split these 6 posts into 2 groups, and each group is about the exact same thing. :slight_smile:


Let’s have a look at some of them:
Profile - Chungtheng - Ionic Forum

I see 3 posts about the same topic in a 2 hour time span. That is impolite - I for example (and whole Europe with me) were sleeping at that time. I don’t really want to help impolite people. (In total there seem to be 5 topics about the same problem - 3 of the topics are in the wrong category.)

So, what is in the posts?

You mention a “document” but I have no idea what you are talking about, the rest of the post also is not really clear to me. You include no ionic info output and don’t even link to the Ionic Native plugin you are using. Should I guess or research that myself now?

This one includes ionic info, but is missing everything else - no link to Ionic Native Plugin, no link to Cordova plugin, no code, no information about what you tried.

Again different stuff missing - mostly your code, ionic info, the actual Ionic Native plugin you are using.

Post that links to a docs page. The answer to that post it the content of the docs page. But as this is posted in the wrong category, people ignore it.

To summarize:

If you invest no time into creating a topic, post it in the wrong category, don’t include all the relevant information, spam the forum in a few hours, and don’t think a bit how someone might actually be able to help you, your posts will go ignored.

That is a good thing.

I post more in ionic slack, the first problem to show download percentage it work, but only in android , in IOS do not show anything.

I post again and again because I hope some one will see and help me , but now I will stop post in this site, because everybody think it it spam, hope less, good bye

Posting again and again does not have the effect you think it does, in fact it’s the exact opposite. What I think you should do now Chungtheng, is take the criticism, own up to it, and learn from it. Update this post with what I mentioned and the questions I asked, and I will try to help you. Please tag invite me when you do so.

Please use the “Invite” button under the topic to invite him when you did so :wink:

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