Non-interrupting light-weight popup

i wish to add some custom functionality like $ / $ionicPopup.hide()

I need some hint where should i start ? Implement it as a service or do it in the directive controller and link function ?

Or is it possible to make ionic popup non-interrupting ?

I agree that the ionic popovers look a little bit heavy (well that’s entirely subjective) but I suppose you can fix that through styling (SASS/CSS). What I would want is something looking more like the familiar “tool tips”.

I just open and close them in my Controller, not in a service.

By the way what do you mean by non-interrupting? What I would like is to be able to close them by clicking outside the popover instead of having to click the button. Or optionally with a timeout where it auto-closes after some time.

Haven’t spent time on this but I suppose you can build this stuff yourself either based on ionic-popover or from scratch.

Something like Instagram or Facebook error notification or email notification when mail was sent when you have bad or not internet connection …

By non-interrupting i mean user can navigate the apps like usual without forced to close the popup while the notification will auto hidden after a certain interval …

Got it. So something like a lightweight ‘tool tip’ which auto-hides after some time instead of the somewhat heavy-handed modal popup which is the ‘ionic popover’.

It would be nice to make a component / “ion” for this.

By the way, to notify the user about new messages I’m planning to use a “badge” (with a number) in the right hand corner of my Title Bar (next to the other title bar buttons).