Ionic Tool Tips?

Any chance of an Ionic integrated tooltip or callout?

Do you have an example? For mouseover tooltips that wouldn’t make much sense for mobile, but do you mean like a popout or popover that you see on the iPads?

Actually a tool-tip like on desktop but used for mobile info. For example, on my form, I am decorating fields with an icon if the user might not understand the intent of a field. I also decorate them with the icon if they have failed validation.

Right now, if the user taps the icon, I’m using the native notification to display whatever info I want them to see. It works, but I’m slightly worried apple may frown on it. I designed my own CSS based callout, but it looked too ugly; so, I reverted back to the native notification.

Examples : Note the icon in the ‘Secret Pin’ field:

I didn’t show it here, but I also change the field separator to red on error. These techniques seem the best way to deal with validation on mobile for me. Otherwise, the keyboard tends to hide all the validation info.

I see in the code there is already ‘ionicPopup’. However, it’s not complete. Is this soon to be some type of alert/prompt/notification system?

See here for how I decorate the label with a red border :

@Calendee I thought you were referring to Actionbar.

It would be great if we have a dropdown list like above.

@Calendee Not exactly the popout that you described, but Angular UI’s bootstrap popover would definitely serve the purpose. Also, it’s downloadable as a standalone component so you don’t have to worry about including a whole library.

@peey : This post is pretty ancient. Since that last post, Ionic has introduced ionicPopup.$ionicPopup/

@calendee didn’t notice the date. My bad.

@max in gmail app if you long press an icon it shows a tooltip. I think it is a good feature