No www found in root of project


I’ve just set up an Ionic 3 project in Appflow. It fails in the build-app step:

[06:08:50]: No www found in root of project.

That’s correct: www isn’t under version control. Can anyone suggest how to deal with this (that doesn’t involved committing www to version control)?


ionic serve

and check

Thanks for the reply. I can’t replicate the issue locally, this is only building on Appflow. After cloning the repo, I can confirm:

  • there’s no www directory
  • npm install then ionic build succeeds, and the www directory is generated as expected.

I’ve got some support from Appflow, and I think the issue was a typo in package.json—I’ll report back when I can confirm that, but can’t currently kick off a build because in an unrelated issue webhooks integration from Bitbucket seems to be hosed. It’s not my day/week.

I think the issue was a typo in package.json

Indeed: somehow under scripts, the build entry had morphed into builds. The original error message was not super-helpful, but reverting this to build worked.

Bit of follow-up info for anyone else curious.
I tried to clean-up my package.json, because there was a lot of random noise in it from previous dev groups, and I removed the following lines…

"start": "ionic-app-scripts serve",
"clean": "ionic-app-scripts clean",
"build": "ionic-app-scripts build",
"lint": "ionic-app-scripts lint"

…from my scripts object not knowing they were needed for App Flow. I replaced them and re-ran my App Flow build with success.