Ionic Starter App Testing - www dir not found

I am new to this platform and I am following the guidelines at the docs. I am trying to test the app using ionic serve CLI response is that there are 3 addresses…I choose localhost and an error comes up - "“www” directory not found. please make sure the working directory is ionic project"
I need help working around this.

I am working on windows 7.

Please include your ss of the error and try checking that in your project folder have ‘www’.
Make sure that you have already access to your project folder via commandline before using ionic things (using cd (location of your project))

Hope this help!

Thank you @birdmwit18 . I actually solved the problem. I was not issuing my commands in the project directory… like C:\users\<username> instead of C:\users\<username>\<project-name>

Do you mean SnapShot when you say ss?