No visual feedback on quick taps

Pull request submitted

<button> and <a> with the attribute data-instantActivate gets a delay of 1ms down from 80ms.

For the side menus, the attribute data-instantActivate needs to be placed on the ion-item directive

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How can I use this attribute? Could you provide an example? Thx

When is it going to be available in a nightly build?

Mike, if the PR has been submitted by people in this thread where could I find whether it is already in the nightly build? This is a killer feature for me since it is really bad UX when the feedback is missing. Thx.

Still needs to be looked over and reviews, but nothings stopping you from adding it as your own directive

Any progress here? Thank you.


the directive works well in a side menu, but in a popover it does not work: no visual feedback with or without directive in ion-item (Nexus 5 with Android 5). Is it a popover issue?

I do not use popovers in my app so I did not consider that case. Iā€™d need to see the popover generated markup, I guess it is different from a side menu or a button, therefore the delay is not removed. @mhartington might have more info about it

Popovers have the same structure of side menus
This is an example (open the example in codepen and enlarge the bottom preview; otherwise popover does not show):

Have you tried wrapping the icon (<i>) in <a> or <button> and place data-instantActivate on that wrapping element?

I have tried data-instantActivate in ion-item like in side menu: icon is not the entire line.
But it seems it is a popover issue: no visual feedback at all, neither slow feedback.

Where can i find this code on v1.2.4-nightly-1917 ?