IONIC Tab tap and side menu tap has visual feed back lag and scroll delay on page

I am a pretty new to Mobile world and Ionic,
I have build an app for our sales team for sales reports using Ionic 1 for android , its live and users are using, all is well in general but there are 2 issues

Issue 1 : Visual feed back lag for tabs and side menu item tap, i have checked all over internet and this issue was faced by few people back on 2014, and they were using the old versions of ionic. and ionic documentation says the 300ms delay is handled already in the below link.
and yes, its true there is no delay when tap on the tab or menu item, but visual feed back is slow, some time its visible with bit of lag and some time its not at all visible on android phone, however the same is working fine on chrome browser on desktop.
is there any work around for android phone ?

Issue 2: Scrolling of the page is not smooth on swipe down or up, i have page with 2 cards, first one has bar chart and second one has table (any time max 20 rows).
i am already using native scrolling
is there any other improvements that can be done to improve scroll response ?

solving these 2 issues is very important because we need to roll out this to IOS platform also, which is generally targeted on top management.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and Thanks in Advance.