No typings folder in ionic 2.0.0-rc.2


I created the example MyIonic2Project and found there is no more typings folder and typings.json. There is @types folder under node_modules. How does typings work in ionic 2 RC.2? Do I need to install typings file in to @types folder? Do I need the typings.json file? Where does ionic2 look for typings file?


All the type declarations are moved to npm itself.
You install packages as:
npm install @types/package_name --save-dev
Check here

If you need typings and typings.json,do
npm install typings


How to tell ionic to use typings folder since now it looks for node_modules/@types?


You shouldn’t need to do this, and it will likely lead to confusion. What are you really trying to achieve?


Just trying to understand whether typings is needed when there is @types. Now that you are saying typings is not needed, it is clear.