[Solved]Does TypeScript come with Ionic 2?

Do I have to install TypeScript separate and globally in my computer? Or if I install Ionic2@beta, would TypeScript be installed already? I’m thinking this because last time I checked out Angular2, I didn’t need to install TypeScript. It just came with a package (as far as I remember). I also see that rxjs, zone.js, etc. are in the node_modules folder.

I installed Ionic2@beta by typing sudo npm install -g ionic@beta. I created an app by typing ionic start ionic2app --v2 --ts which would give me .ts files and the tabbar UI template.

0_o Ionic 2 come with Angular 2. Angular 2 come with TypeScript. So Ionic 2 come with TypeScipt too. Your captain Obvious :slight_smile:

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@xr0master LOL! Thanks for verifying. I still had to make sure though.