No sensors found to register step counter listening to

Am trying to make an ionic3 pedometer application using the ionic pedometer plugin and running the finished application on my android device.

It fails to start with this error Message “No sensors found to register step counter listening to”.

Please anyone with a solution please help with any other alternative plugin or way to get this working.

Similar situation in ((
You managed to find a solution?
Other native applications work without problems.

Hi putintsev, I actually failed to find the solution to this problem. It would be nice if we combined efforts and got a solution for the community,

As it turned out, the problem is not in the plugin.
In some smartphones (in my case, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4), there is simply no hardware sensor with which this plugin works, namely Sensor.TYPE_STEP_COUNTER
You can view its availability by an application like
In the absence of this sensor, the calculation of the number of steps is through interaction with the accelerometer, by analyzing and filtering data.
According to this principle, applications from Google Play are working, which can count the number of steps on my device.
What does the device have with a different type of sensor for counting the number of steps - Sensor.TYPE_SIGNIFICANT_MOTION
After consulting with a programmer on JAVA, testing with examples, and making sure that it works, I ordered a plug-in revision with the inclusion of support for both types of sensor and accelerometer there. Everything works in the same way as a native application from Google Play.