No scrollbar seen on a page with ion-content

I’m working in visual studio, with ionic v7 and angular v17 and capacitor. I started a new ionic/angular project and the angular components are standalone. I have a page with an ion-grid inside ion-content, and the grid is too big to fit on a single screen of my android phone or when running on the web emulating various kinds of phones. My problem is that there is no vertical scrollbar appearing either on my phone or on the web emulators, so I cannot see the lower content of my ion-grid. swiping up on my phone has no effect either. I am stumped as to why this is happening - isn’t scrolling enabled automatically by ionic when it is needed on a page?

It should scroll automatically. Assuming you have an IonPage wrapping your IonContent? Can you provide a reproduction on StackBlitz?

I solved the problem. When you build a project with standalone components, you have to import all the ionic elements: Contents, Grid, Row, etc. individually from @ionic/angular/standalone. You can’t use the IonicModule - I guess the compiler gets confused…anyway scrolling works now on that page. Thanks for your reply to my question.

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