No podspec found for `package` when adding iOS project to existing Ionic 5 project

I built a Capacitor plugin for Ionic and Capacitor and published it to NPM - call it test1. I then use it in my Ionic 5 project and successfully add a new Android project via:

ionic build 
ionic cap add android 
ionic cap sync

Tested it and it works. I then try and add an iOS via:

ionic build 
ionic cap add ios 

I then get the following error:

`[!] No podspec found for `Test1` in `../../node_modules/test1```

And it fails. I can’t figure out why as there is a Test1Plugin.podspec file in the root with relevant dependencies and an ios/Podfile with relevant dependencies. I also ensure both files are published to npm.

I tried changing the name of the .podspec file to Test1.podspec but it’s the exact same issue.

I’m pretty stumped and hoping someone has some pointers?