No keyboard event when "next" key is pressed in a form?


I have a form in which I can press “Next” on the soft keyboard to switch focus the next input (this seems to be a built-in feature, not custom). What I’ve noticed is that there is no keydown event being triggered for the “Next” key press. Only blur is being triggered. On the last input, the “Enter” key shows and when pressed the keydown event does get triggered. Is there a reason why “Next” doesn’t directly trigger anything that could be listened to?

I’m using an Android phone to test this and unsure if iOS is any different.


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I have the same issue. Did you found a solution?

I couldn’t find a proper solution. For now, I use an input (not ion-input), bind to the blur event and check if event.sourceCapabilities === null, then do whatever in that if statement. I use a regular input because ionBlur does not seem to have the sourceCapabilities property. SourceCapabilities being null or something else seems to be the only distinguishing factor between a regular blur event and a blur event caused by pressing the next button, I’m not sure though.