Ion-input Event list?


I had to switch from using an ion-input to a regular input because events weren’t being fired.

I tried:

<ion-input (blur)="onBlur($event)" (focus)="onFocus($event)" type="text"></ion-input>

and it didn’t work. But this did:

<input (blur)="onBlur($event)" (focus)="onFocus($event)" type="text" />

Does the ion-input not expose all input events?


This is an issue with ion-input. Would you be able to open an issue on our github repo?


For sure, thanks for the quick reply!


@nanexcool Did you you create an issue for this on the github repo? Please provide a link to it. I want to follow the progress as I am running into this issue as well.


@keithdmoore I did create an issue, but there was an existing one so mine got closed.

It looks like this has just been fixed and is ready for beta 4.


@nanexcool Thanks for the update! That’s great news!