No keyboard animation on ion-footer


I’ve noticed an unusual behavior with the mobile keyboard popup animation.

The ion-footer exists when the keyboard is opened or closed but disappears with the open keyboard animation.

Does anybody know a fix to this?

Thanks for your time.

Ionic CLI : 6.16.3
Ionic Framework : @ionic/angular 5.6.11
@angular/cli : 12.0.5
Capacitor CLI : 3.1.1
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As far as i know this is because of the Ionic Scroll Assist :thinking: This needs the height of the screen after the keyboard is shown

Thanks for your help, can you give me more information about this. I don’t completely understand : scroll assist focuses on the input in the middle of the screen but here it’s just a footer with some icon buttons.

Yes I can get the keyboard height but what I’m supposed to do with? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, but your Question was why this seems to be a bit buggy right? So why the footer is shown some milliseconds after the keyboard is shown completly? That’s because the scroll assist internally uses the keyboard height (as far as i know) :smiley:

What is the real question / problem here?
The webview is being resized, after that calculation, the footer is repositioned above the keyboard.

You can change the resize mode of the webview in the Capacitor / Cordova setup if that’s what you’re asking?

Alternatively, you could hook into the keyboard open/close events & show/hide the footer.

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Thanks for both your replies, EinfachHans is true my initial problem is the laggy animation. I would like the footer to follow the keyboard instead of being hidden and shown after the keyboard is totally up.

Like on the Twitter app for example :

I think you are going to have a hard time achieving that without native views.
It would be better to hide it and then re-show it straight after the keyboard show event if you’re that concerned.
To my eye, what you’ve already got is absolutely fine. No one using the app will care.

Edit: I don’t mean to sound dismissive, but it’s so easy to get caught up in these details that only we really notice and care about as a developer. Real people don’t even notice this stuff if everything works well in the app and that is the important metric.

Ne t’inquiète pas! c’est pas grave :slight_smile:

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I understand this, i would really like this too, but you currently can’t have both: Scroll Assist and the footer to move with the keyboard

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Okay thanks a lot for your help !

Merci :grinning:

Ça fait plaisir, Si quelque chose d’autre arrive, n’hesitez pas a demander :slight_smile:

No worries - anything else, don’t hesitate to ask, we want to help.

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Thanks ! First experience on the forum and I’m very happy with the relevance of your answers !

Yes I also have an issue about the animation navigation and I’ll surely post a request this week or the next if I can’t resolve my it by then.

Super motivating to feel supported !

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You can restart the whole thing, may be this will work.

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