Keyboard flickers at opening making footer disappear then flashing back up

Hi, :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been having this issue for a while now on IOS (before on Ionic 4 angular 8, and still now again after updating to Ionic 5 angular 9)…

Whenever I click on an input, it makes footer disappear then reappear.
When I focus out the element, there is also a weird flashing.

I’ve tried to deactivating “resize” in keyboard plugin parameters in capacitor.config.json
==> It works (no more flickering) but then I have to do all sorts of css tricks to get the whole thing animated back to what was intended ( Having the footer above keyboard at opening, and the rest of the screen resizing to diplay properly…)

Css is not my best friend tbh… And I can’t figure out how to reproduce ionic intended behavior…

Please help me. :nauseated_face: