No Images - Ionic Pro Deploy

I generated a Debug APK from the Ionic Pro console. Then installed it on my Galaxy S6. It doesn’t so any images from my app. Its almost like the entire /assets/ folder went missing.

It does work on my iPhone just fine when deployed through Ionic View. Ionic View doesn’t work at all on my android devices.

In case anyone else stumbles upon this post. I fixed the problem.

When your app builds … it puts the asset folder under your www (root) folder. AND Typescript has nothing to do with these static elements. Sounds like duh! right now, but wasn’t thinking.

so when you reference them in your code you don’t need to say …/…/assets because they are always in the /assets folder once built.

Use this to reference items in your asset folder:
<img src='assets/images/myimage.png'>

<img src='../assets/images/myimage.png'>